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 ok lets get a list of youth for jobs.....

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PostSubject: ok lets get a list of youth for jobs.....   Sat May 02, 2009 6:26 am

Here's the list of jobs and team leaders, who's currently on what, and who we think should be on what. Names with question marks haven't been asked yet but we consider suitable.

Coordinator: (Racheal Parsons)
Diligent and organized they would supervise the team leaders and make sure everything was happening on time and correctly. This person must be a natural leader and have good people skills, a clear communicator with a willingness to work with evangelist and Pastor. (The local Pastor can not take this position)

Job description: This person overseas the whole project. Delegation of tasks and management of team leaders is what they do. The Coordinator must hold weekly meetings with the Pastor and supervise the team leaders insuring assigned tasks are completed on time. They are to be the main channel of communication between the teams and need to call regular meetings to facilitate communication. Dealing with unforeseen problems and leaders who are not working up to expectation is a large part of what they do.

Stage Manager: (possibly to be combined between Racheal and the MC's)
Attention to detail and good under pressure. The stage manager makes sure the nightly program runs on time and without hitches. This allows the preacher to focus on the message and everything to run smoothly. Much like a worship coordinator.

Job Description: This person runs the nightly meeting. They produce a running sheet, supervise practice of singers and musicians, PA operators, visual and lighting, etc… This person must make value judgments regarding what to cut and keep making a program work.

Master of Ceremonies: (?Juri Megarrity and Amanda Z? preferable to have a male and female like AYC)
Friendly, open, comfortable under pressure, organized with information and able to present things concisely and clearly.
Job Description: Introduces speaker, makes announcements, this person is the first face people see on the platform. Works closely with the stage manager and coordinator to ensure things run smoothly. This job can possibly be combined with the stage manager.

Treasurer: (Matt Hinze)
Handles the money, works the budget, coordinates with local church treasurer (John Wright) and works out an account with the church that can be easily deposited into and drawn out of when needed. Needs to handle and keep track of all receipts for purchased items.

Visitation Leader: (David Brown)

Visitation leader: The visitation team would call upon those who have attended the meetings. They practice the “4 E’s” of visitation.
1/ Establish relationships
2/ Evaluate the interest.
3/ Educate and disarm the prospects
4/ Encourage decisions
This is time consuming vet very important. The leader would coordinate the visitations and make sure that non one has been over looked.

Usher/Greeters leader: (Christie Higgins) Supervise a team of ushers who would dress in an identifiable way and provide a warm welcoming face. This is the first point of contact for a visitor and is vital that we do it right. This team hands out decision cards, shows people to seats, and is on hand to hand out whatever the speaker thinks is handy.

Musical leader: (Tanay Parsons) Capable and willing to take council from the Speaker and coordinator. The music is used for background, intro, and special items. The Music leader would also organize special items and practices with the sound team

Contact Coordinator: (possibly Alan Campbell?) Is very involved leading up to the program with mail out list from people who have attended other programs in the area. Once the program has commence then compiling a list of names, address and phone numbers of those attending.

Audio leader: (?????) We can use Danny’s system.

Visual leader: (As above?) Heads up a team of people who are willing to work closely with the speaker who are capable with power point, presenter, and easy worship. A good knowledge on trouble shooting computer and projector issues is vital. THEY MUST BE PREPAIRED FOR EVERYTHING!

Publicity and Advertising leader: (George Siems with James Higgins) Very important job. Seeking professional help is preferred in our media savvy age. Someone with experience in writing or dealing with News Paper or TV is very helpful.

Hospitality team (Katlyn Bailey and Leah Lee to be asked): Providing refreshments after the program and providing for visiting speaker or singer what this team does. Probably just juice and some fruit or something simple.

Children’s Program leaders: (Kaleah Parsons, Bonnie Siems, Kezia Nilon) Keep little kids busy while their parents are in the meetings. The program should be entertaining yet spiritually instructive for them. It would be nice if it could ‘mirror’ the adult’s one in some way.

Prayer Coordinator: (Bonnie Siems) most important job on team. Coordinates prayer time, special prayer before and after mission, and during the evenings has a prayer team praying constantly for the Holy Spirit.

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PostSubject: Re: ok lets get a list of youth for jobs.....   Tue May 12, 2009 12:20 pm

Hi James,
It won't let me edit so can you please add David to Visitation Leader, Christie to Usher/Greeter Leader. Thanks. I think we need to re-look at Registration and Audio/Visual Leader as Greg & Nathan wont be here. I think Matt for Audio/Visual or the couple that Viv was talking about. We will need to discuss at our next meeting.

Thanks Racheal Surprised
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PostSubject: Re: ok lets get a list of youth for jobs.....   Wed May 13, 2009 5:23 am

changes made, and also tentatively put Katlyn and Leah in the hospitality team.
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PostSubject: Re: ok lets get a list of youth for jobs.....   Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:53 am

Have any rosters been made yet? It wasn't really discussed at the last meeting, but we need to sort out who is going to be available and when. I'd like to get my prayer roster organised but I can't do that until I know who doesn't have a pressing job every night of the program.
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PostSubject: Re: ok lets get a list of youth for jobs.....   Fri Jul 10, 2009 3:45 am

I don't think so Bonnie...
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PostSubject: Re: ok lets get a list of youth for jobs.....   

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ok lets get a list of youth for jobs.....
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