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 Youth Comittee Meeting 10-5-09 Minutes

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Youth Comittee Meeting 10-5-09 Minutes Empty
PostSubject: Youth Comittee Meeting 10-5-09 Minutes   Youth Comittee Meeting 10-5-09 Minutes EmptySun May 17, 2009 1:45 pm

(sorry it takes too long to format this on here, so either Racheal or I will email out a copy to everyone too, but this can be for a quick reference)

Youth Committee Meeting 10-5-09

Present: Brett & Sharon H, James H, Racheal & Tanay P, Pr Danny M, David B, Steve & Vivienne F, Bonnie S, Matt H
Absent: George S

Pr Justin will give mission up to $1000
Church – John Wright will change budget line, so mission has its own

Racheal encouraged everyone to keep working on their specific duties and not leave things till last minute. Get lots done before next meeting.

Advertising: George has sourced a good printer (on North Shore, PMQ). He and James will get cracking on the mission graphics, so we can have flyers and banners ASAP. James thinks we will be able to cut Advertising budget from $3000 to $2000.
Graphics: G & J have researched istock photos, and there is a good supply available there

We discussed a video to be made either in Port, Wauchope, at the schools etc. Someone will interview youth, someone will video and one or two will hand out flyers at the same time. This video will be played at start of mission.

Venue is booked, booking to be payed for when key is picked up.

Greg & Nathan are to be asked to do the audio-visual (Nathan has expressed an interest in that area)

Music: Tanay has picked some songs, but so far hasn’t been able to find singers/musicians so suggestions were made as to who could help mer. Roslyn Williams is happy to help, so she will be contacted this week. Tanay was instructed to focus on getting the music prepared so then they can practice and perfect it before the mission. Sharon will ring the Ings to ask Janelle and Russel if they will help too.

MC – Amanda will be in Europe until a week before, but would like to be involved. Juri to be asked when he arrives back here.

Talk came back to the video/DVD we’d like to make. Youth will do the interviewing, and will have to get permission from school to film there. Someone asked if we could use the EMC video camera, and Sharon affirmed that when the fundraising was happening for the camera it was agreed that we could use it for the mission.

James shared that the Sermon Synchroniser has arrived, and has 20 pre-made evangelistic sermons ready to go. Only difficulties are that the graphics on slides are not editable, and he is not sure how to make his own sermon on there.

A question was raised as to who orders the Bibles and books. Vivienne can get a discount through Koorong, or can purchase cheap ones through SIGNS (but they have limited amounts available). Vivienne will also get copies of ‘Messiah’, which is a new version of Desire of Ages, at a discount also.

It was mentioned that Pr Danny and James have decided to use the Prophetic Code as follow-up after mission.

Going back to the books/Bibles, Pr Danny mentioned that maybe it would be better if James and David used on-screen texts for the first two or three meetings (or maybe whole program), and then give Bibles out at the follow-up program. He stressed that we need to order these Bibles now, as they may take a while to arrive. The ones Pr Danny uses are good quality ones, large print and cost around $24.00 (that’s at discount). (Gets 30% off?)

Racheal and Tanay, and Vivienne shared their thoughts about getting Anna-Lisa’s youth group involved. (They will eventually be invited to mission). Suggestions were made as to what we could do, such as inviting them to Wauchope for events, campouts etc but then it was decided that all the youth could go to their church on a Sunday. James could take a sermon on Daniel 2 (or something to that effect – something they won’t have heard before, not a generic message), and then in afternoon to have a social event with them all. (Apparently there are 15-20 youth there). This is to be done on the 4th Sunday in June (which is the 28th). Sharon, Tim and Kezia will be absent due to CHEP training.
Racheal will speak to A-L’s parents and then to the Pastor at the church. PRAY for this!!!!

Christie has said Yes to being greeting team leader. Discussion was made about other people to get involved such as Lucy on Catering and Registration, plus Katlyn and Leah to help her.

James shared about a neat laser printing machine that can print nametags for all mission attendees. May be expensive but he will research this and find out. He also needs to get a clicker/laser pointer (off Pr Danny?)

A suggestion was made about background music but after holding that thought to discuss something else we didn’t end up sorting that out. (Keep in mind for next meeting)

‘Row Hosts’ were discussed (one Row Host will sit at the end of each line of chairs and talk/mingle with visitors who sit there. Very important job). These could be involved in follow-up visitation, with David as visitation co-ordinator and Andrew and Amanda to help him (all three will have experience in this area).

It was agreed that Matt, Lucy, Lauchlan to be on registration, and Ben as a suggestion to be on set-up/ushering, and BJ to be in charge of taking down-putting up banner each night. (Banner will go on fence at railway station, and in hall on night).

Note for James: James is to see if Ron Crawford will ask council about putting up the banner at the railway station, and James and George need to work on graphics really soon, and James needs to ask for the project from EMC.

We asked Pr Danny if Camden Haven church could spare their big projector screen for us to use during mission, and he said he didn’t think that would be a problem.

It was agreed that we need to have about two dummy runs a couple of weeks before program. By at least the third week in August, after some of us get back from the Solomon Islands.

David is to ask Lauchlan about being on registration, and Vivienne will ask Lucy.
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Youth Comittee Meeting 10-5-09 Minutes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Youth Comittee Meeting 10-5-09 Minutes   Youth Comittee Meeting 10-5-09 Minutes EmptyTue May 19, 2009 4:34 am

good stuff Bonnie!
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Youth Comittee Meeting 10-5-09 Minutes
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