WAY Evangelistic Mission 09

Forum for the WAY committee to discuss and plan for the mission
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 List of Leaders & Assistants

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List of Leaders & Assistants Empty
PostSubject: List of Leaders & Assistants   List of Leaders & Assistants EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 3:16 pm

U_Turn Mission Committee Members:
Pastor Danny, Brett Higgins, Sharon Higgins, James Higgins, David Brown, George Siems, Bonnie Siems, Tanay Parsons, Racheal Parsons, Vivienne Fowler, Steve Fowler.

Crusade Coordinator: Racheal Parsons

Speakers: James Higgins & David Brown

Stage Manager: Racheal Parsons, Geoff Fowler? & Amanda?

MC: Geoff Fowler? & Amanda?

Treasurer: Matt Hinze

Team Leaders

Visitation leader: David Brown Assistants: Andrew?
Usher/Greeters team leader: Christie Higgins Assistants: Ben (Set up), BJ (in charge of banner)

Music: Tanay Parsons Assistants: Daniel Higgins, Tim Higgins, Roslyn Williams, Kezia Nilon

Audio & Visual Leader: Matt Hinze (Using Pastor Danny’s system)

Publicity & Advertising Leader: George Siems & James Higgins

Contact Coordinator:

Registration: Kylie, Lucy Eggelton,

Hospitality team: Kaitlyn Bailey, Leah

Prayer team leader: Bonnie Siems Assistants:

Kids crèche: Bonnie Siems Assistants: Kezia Nilon, Kaleah Parsons

Set up team: Cassie, Sam, Henry, Lachlan

Nicole (Camden Haven)?

Adult support & helpers where needed: Sharon & Brett, Racheal, Viv & Steve

Youth who will be away/studying/etc but can pray: Loean B, Michaela P, Jessica G, Shem & Beth N, Jessie D, Nina M, George S

The names with question marks are to be confirmed
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List of Leaders & Assistants
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