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 Youth Committee Meeting 23-4-09 Minutes

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Youth Committee Meeting 23-4-09 Minutes Empty
PostSubject: Youth Committee Meeting 23-4-09 Minutes   Youth Committee Meeting 23-4-09 Minutes EmptySun Apr 26, 2009 8:44 am

Youth Committee Meeting 23-4-09

Present: James H, Pr Danny M, David B, Vivienne F, Brett H, Bonnie S, George S, Matt H,

Pr Justin L

Absent: Racheal & Tanay P, Sharon H


  1. Review of past meeting (no minutes read)
    Update on Budget
    Pr Justin comments

2 Overall cost is now $4,645

The funds available so far are $3,550, which is $1095 short.

(Funding = 2000 from church?, 750 from SPD, 400 AYC fund, 400 Youth budget)

Venue - Wauchope High School assembly hall, which seats 400 max

James shared re. 'sermon synchroniser' that he's purchased to help with the powerpoints

George shared re. advertising costs:

SIGNS charge $1800 for 2000 leaflets

Goldprint $1500 for 4000 or 5000?

'Who Printing' - James will look into this business

3 Pr Justin shares about advertising do's and don’ts

Narrabri had 21 non-SDA youth attend a series

There was discussion on the topics/graphics, James and George to look into Leo Schreven graphics, Istock photos, sermonview.com etc.

There was discussion and agreement made that starting the mission with 'What is the purpose in life?' topic is a must.

Program and audience discussed. We must target seekers. Pr Justin shared examples of other speakers - John Carter, and also personal experiences

Pr Danny & Justin share experiences/own method, and group discuss opening subjects, (Great Controversy and apologetics, purpose, salvation)

Pr Justin stressed an important issue and that is that all duties must be shared around - don't lump them all on one person

Pr Justin shared 3 Steps to a Successful Program:

1. Have business meeting to inform church

2. Form committee

3. Elect team: crusade/outreach, coordinator (NOT the speaker!), stage manager, etc

Justin suggested we run a prophetic code seminar after mission, advertising straight after mission

7 Principles for a successful program:

1. Prayer for Holy Spirit

2. Reaping requires sewing (Pentecost worked because Jesus prepared for 3 years)

3. Evangelism is built on relationships

4. The more people involved the better

5. Organize for effectiveness

6. Faith sized goals produce faith sized results

7. Training is essential for the successful completion of a task.

Concerns were raised about September being too close to big camp, and the best time to run a mission is just after Easter.

Pr Lawman suggested we put off the mission till next year but general consensus was that this wouldn't be the best idea, as we need to give it a go, and

'God will never bless the program we don't run'.

Pr Justin shared about Operation Andrew, where everyone (whole church) prays for and encourages 7 people each from now till mission, and then just before the mission they personally invite them to attend.
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Youth Committee Meeting 23-4-09 Minutes
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