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 Meeting 11-7-09

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MEETING: U-Turn Youth Committee Meeting
DATE: 11-7-09 TIME: 7.30 pm PLACE:

PRESENT: Pr Danny M, James H, Brett and Sharon H, George S, Tanay P, Vivienne and Steve F, Racheal P, Matt H, Bonnie S,




Youth Social w/ Kempsey youth
Anna-Lisa is away at the moment and Racheal will wait till she gets back to ask her how the planning is going.
Vivienne suggested asking Pr Barry Satchel if we could use his house.

Books/Bibles/Ticket books
Vivienne has not got the ticket books yet. She showed us a variety of Bibles, most of them were not suitable except a particular NIV version that everyone liked the cover/format off, but need it in NKJV. It was discussed whether it would be best to have the same version as the speaker’s available. We will get 25 Bibles.

The Messiah books at $8.00 would be $320 for 40, but then Vivienne showed us a great version with a few of the chapters in it, that is $1.50 each! It was decided to purchase 70 of these ones, which will be $105 + 20 pocket size w/ 15% off. = $275 without Bibles.

Doug Bachelor uses his books called ‘Amazing Facts’ as prizes. It was agreed that these could be used – along with Louie Giglio’s DVD – as prizes for the draw each evening.

The budget for books and Bibles will not be enough, so it will be increased to $750, taking money from the miscellaneous section for it Vivienne will phone the Bible Society about Bibles Fortnight (next meeting)

The money from the division has come through
Matt to find out about money from conference.

It was decided to use Pr Danny’s projector
School/Street interviews
Will no longer happen, due to lack of time and equipment (see forum for more details)

Indoor plants George to organise fortnight

Working with Children Check Racheal hasn’t yet got a response from the conference and it was decided that since we will not be doing the interviews we will forego getting the checks.
Herman is happy to video all the mission sessions David to ask about Eastward video camera, to film our meetings, etc

Advertising The printer has all the materials, and they should be done by end of July. Ads will go in the newspaper at least two weeks before, and it will be promoted at the school assembly a week before (the Monday before).

Hall check All team members to meet at the High school hall Thursday 23rd at 5 pm, so we can all have a look at it

Music Planning is going well

Mic’s Church needs new microphones, so an Audio-Visual budget will be submitted, and we’ll use microphones purchased for the church. While a budget is being passed (Matt to submit one), George is to email Matt with prices. Fortnight.

Dress After a short discussion it was decided that the guys will wear dress pants, girls to wear something modest, and the singers to wear a blend of red and black while performing.

Kids crèche Bonnie and Kezia are planning to put together a basic program consisting of theme: Animals in the Bible, so a song, craft, story and nature fact. Sharon and Vivienne will be available to help if needed. Check Sabbath school rooms for materials

Decision cards Matt has designed some, and he will email them to George, so George can give them to the printer. Suggestion to print on 160GSM, and make 100 per meeting. Matt email cards to George Fortnight

Stage manager David to ask Leah to be joint stage manager?

Who to speak to during mission The youth are to be reminded that they should not approach James or David on the nights they’re speaking, if there is a problem. Youth to be told at next youth fellowship, and also reminder included on the rosters

NEXT MEETING 25th July 2009
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Meeting 11-7-09
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