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 Meeting 23-5-09 minutes

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PostSubject: Meeting 23-5-09 minutes   Tue May 26, 2009 3:20 am

Youth Committee Meeting 23-5-09

Present: James H, George S, Bonnie S, Brett H, Racheal P, Tanay P,

Absent: Vivienne F, Steve F, Sharon H, Pr Danny M, David B, Matt H

James and George brought up the issue that we can’t afford to wait till the fortnightly meetings to approve things like the banner graphics, so it was agreed that if it was put on the forum the committee can discuss it there in-between times.
James shared that he has been trying to think of a tag/catchy line to put on the banner without much success.
George shared that a 3x1 banner (1 off order) is $380 This one will be placed at the railway crossing fence two weeks in advance.
A smaller banner will be printed to put right outside the High School. We can get a deal with the printing company where they will print the banner and some posters etc at a lower price.
James is working on an introduction for the flyer.

The committee discussed a new title for the first meeting’s sermon, and decided on “Am I Really Alone?”

James and George are going to talk with the community radio stations, about playing an ad for the mission.

A discussion ensured about who would be the person to contact with the phone number on the banner, and as no one wants their number displayed for the whole town to see, Brett suggested that the committee purchases a $79 red Telstra 3G phone with a number that will be destroyed at the end of the mission so that no one will get prank calls on it. James will have this phone, and will field any enquiries.

Greg and Nathan Campbell will not be in the area during the mission so committee discussed appointing someone else as an Audio Visual technician. It was decided that someone? will ask Matt Hinze to do this job. Pr Danny can teach whoever takes on this role, and familiarise them with the equipment.
George is going to submit a budget for the church Audio Visual team, and ask to purchase two new microphones, which will be used both at church and the mission. Pr Danny’s lapel mic will also be used.
George can look into hiring a mic too?

We then discussed who has accepted various jobs. Lucy Eggleton has said yes to being on the registration table, Lauchlan is ‘ummm...’, and we need a more experienced person as well so James will ask Lily if she will help out.
Roslyn is happy to help with music, but is available Friday and Saturday nights only.
George is going to ask Juri if he will be MC and/or play guitar.

Mission program:

Tanay is going to purchase some music DVD’s off iTunes to have as background music before program starts.
James and George will look into getting permission to play the ‘Wauchope’ trailer at some time too.

Tanay has selected a list of songs (titles are on the forum)
Singers are: Roslyn W, Tanay P and Daniel H. Tim H, Kezia N, and Janelle Hinze and Janelle Ing are to be asked.

James has booked the high school hall for a program dummy run on the 28th August

About the service at Anna-Lisa’s church at Kempsey, the Pastor wants to know what the sermon subject is and this is being relayed through her family. Tanay is to speak to Anna-Lisa tomorrow.
It was decided that we will let the church have their own music before service, and we will simply take the service, and have a special item (it was discussed about singing ‘Go Light Your World’, but no conclusion was made).
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting 23-5-09 minutes   Tue May 26, 2009 10:49 am

About the jobs... I am happy to go anywhere I'm needed. I think we need to have the right people in the right jobs... I could do the Rego job if I wasn't doing the audio/ visual job. I was thinking that Juri would be ideal for that job. He has all the skills needed for that. What do you think? I'm unsure about him as MC but we need to involve him......
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting 23-5-09 minutes   Wed May 27, 2009 1:45 am

Ok, so you're saying you don't think you can be on rego and audio-visual? Fair enough... we'll have to discuss who else then, once everyone notices this topic...
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting 23-5-09 minutes   

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Meeting 23-5-09 minutes
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