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 Ok.... good news and bad

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Ok.... good news and bad Empty
PostSubject: Ok.... good news and bad   Ok.... good news and bad EmptyWed Jun 24, 2009 8:38 am

Good news is that the High School Principal is in approval of our program after my meeting with him today, and he has given us two assembly slots to promo the program the monday before our first session and the monday in the middle. We get 5 minutes to make it short and sweet.

Also he is open for the team to come in and inspect the building anytime as long as we let him know when and it's after school hours.

Bad news is that he said no to allowing us to film interview students due to privacy and liability issues. So we would be restricted to off-school on-street interviews, and I have no idea what's involved in the liabilities of that.

Also there have been big hold ups in getting our public liability insurance from the Conference for the Council for putting up our banner, but we'll get there. Devil don't like this show.
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Ok.... good news and bad
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